Quite simply, to tell your story takes not only understanding where you’re going, but more importantly learning where your customers are coming from. The heart of your brand lies in the relationship you have with your customers – their experience with you, the benefits they receive, and the impression you make on them. This guides us in helping you to build a brand that is not only creative and engaging, but one your customers will truly believe in and connect with.


New Brand Development

Existing Brand Refresh


Brand Audits

Surveys and Focus Groups

Company and Product Naming

Company and Product Logos

Slogan and Messaging

Brand Standards

Brand Applications

Our Brand Building Process

Phase 1

Discovery, Research, and Analysis
We want to know everything. Comparable businesses and industries are researched and analyzed to discover market differentiations and opportunities. A brand audit of past efforts is conducted to understand past messaging and marketing efforts. A discovery brief with a thorough delineation of mission, vision, objectives, audiences, challenges, key messages, and more is developed. And last, in many cases, a select group of stakeholders/consumers weigh in on their interpretation of your brand promise.

Phase 2

Creative Strategy and Brand Development
We develop and present two to three distinctly different creative strategies. Each strategy typically includes logo or logo refinement, slogan, and messaging. These building blocks of a brand foundation are also applied to “test” applications, such as website concepts and ad campaigns, to help us better judge the viability of each strategy. Together, and when appropriate, with a group of stakeholders/consumers, we evaluate and refine these strategies until we arrive at your final brand foundation.

Phase 3

Communication Tools Development and Implementation
Marketing Planning and Implementation The success of any story is in how it’s told. We design, develop and implement all your communications and marketing tools — from website to product packaging to sales collateral to social media profiles — to create a cohesive brand presence that carries across all platforms. Concurrently, we work with you to create a comprehensive marketing strategy and timeline to launch your new brand.

Phase 4

Quarterly Evaluations and Recommendations
The story must continue to evolve. To that end, we recommend quarterly Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reviews with us. We prepare for and run a one hour meeting that objectively considers website metrics, social insights, email statistics, and Google rankings. This powerful hour notes which pages prospects are visiting, how long they spend with you, what media got them to the site in the first place, which social posts had the biggest engagement, what email subject lines got the highest open rates, etc. Together we determine what tactics need adjustments and consider other possible strategies to keep your story relevant and engaging.
One Tribe Creative is a full-service branding, design, marketing, and web development agency based in Fort Collins, Colorado. For over thirty years, we have helped organizations of all sizes to realize their vision and make an impact by providing solutions that fit their needs and speak to their audience. Our agency prides itself on taking a customer-centric approach to everything we design, ensuring your customers receive a high-quality experience while highlighting your company’s unique skills.