Web Development

It isn’t enough to have a website. To build brand loyalty, it needs to tell the whole story behind your company and create a compelling user experience. As branding specialists and a custom web development company, every phase of our process revolves around ensuring your website achieves both. Through in-depth discovery and planning to meticulous design and development, our agency builds sites that the world can believe in and connect with.

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Our Web Development Process:

Phase 1: Discover

The Story and Scope

For a website to excel, it must tell a story. To this end, we start with a discovery brief to clarify your mission, vision, site objectives, key messages, audience attitudes, challenges, and more. Next, we meet to define the full project scope, outlining in great detail all the components, and major functionality our designers and developers will need to incorporate and implement. Included in the final document is site description, project deliverables and milestones, and possible future elements to plan for.

Phase 2: Plan

Sitemap and Wireframes

Now knowing every aspect of what the site needs to communicate, a site architecture plan is mapped out, exploring the optimum way to deliver the best user experience. Upon review and finalization of the site plan, wireframes are created. These “blueprints” act as a skeletal framework defining the content and functionality of each page, and not as a design guide. They are crucial in determining all of the required elements that will need to appear on every page of a robust new site.

Phase 3: Design

Concepts, Templates and Style Guides

Now that the extensive work planning is complete, development of two or more design concepts begin. To demonstrate how the site design will aesthetically and thematically be consistent throughout, each design concept will include the home page and two secondary pages. The chosen concepot is then refined and finalized. Next, all page templates are fully designed to create a cohesive viewer experience throughout the site. This includes having each designed and tested in both a mobile and desktop layout for the most responsive outcome possible.

Phase 4: Develop

Implementation and SEO

This phase begins with implementation of the page templates and style guides. Content is then populated into the Content Management System (CMS). All outside integrations are set up. Site hosting details are finalized, beta testing on all current platforms is conducted, and final adjustments are made. Integrated into the development of the site is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We provide a basic SEO setup on all sites and offer advanced SEO that includes keyword research, writing and implementation of page tittles, meta descriptions, and H1 tags.

Phase 5: Launch

CMS Training and Site Support

The website is now launched! After launch, a CMS training session is conducted with your appropriate personnel. We structure the CMS of every site to be extremely user friendly, allowing anyone to easily manage and update the website. Our on-going monthly site support plan covers the most important maintenance issues so that in the event of data loss or unauthorized access, we can minimize downtime and get your website back up and running as soon as possible. In addition, we will always be there to answer questions and assist with issues you may encounter free of charge.